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Old WesleyDale

When people talk about Scott and Deb Wilson’s lovely garden what they mention first is the elephant hedge. The elephant in the room might be an unmentionable, but the elephant in the garden is a talking point. It came about…
San Miguel de Allende looks like a Mexican fairy-tale village. Photo - Kobby Dagan / Shutterstock

Mágico Mexico

Three of Mexico’s native plants are behind three of Linda’s favourite things – chocolate, vanilla and tequila – so she was always going to love the place, but how much surprised even her. Mad for colour in San Miguel de…
Mitchell Falls. Photo - Janelle Lugge

Awe Inspiring Kimberleys

Angus Stewart takes a cruise through the top end to explore one of Australia’s great wildernesses and the awesome diversity of plants that live there.   The Kimberleys have a particular place in Australian culture as one of the great wilderness…