George Clooney in Hawaii

Amazing what a bit of George Clooney can do! Admit it, was your interest piqued by the title of this post?  Turns out we are all suckers for Hollywood glamour. Australian searches on Hawaii have increased 149% since Clooney’s movie ‘The Descendants’ put Hawaii’s gorgeous scenery on the big screen! Our own star of the screen, Graham Ross, (okay, he might not be George, but we love him) is hosting a tour to Hawaii this year. No meetings with Mr Clooney, but plenty of that exhilarating landscape that made such a dramatic backdrop to the movie.

Mount MakanaThe final confrontation scene in ‘The Descendants’ was staged on the shore of Hanalei Bay,  which is the glorious expanse of golden sand and turquoise water shown here.  The place is no stranger to film crews: Hanalei Bay was also the location for the Bali Hai number from the film of ‘South Pacific’.  “Fortunately,” says Graham, who loves the place, “It’s still quite low-key. There are a couple of hotels but it’s still a very natural-looking landscape with traditional vegetation.”


That includes the incredible terraced gardens of the Limahuli people, which you can see here.  The Limahuli were the original inhabitants of the island. They farmed taro and other vegetables on narrow terraces up the hillside and their gardens have been preserved. Up the top of the hill is a volcanic outcrop that peers over the terraces to the bay far below. It’s a dramatic sight, and even more so when you discover that from this place the entire community of Limahuli leapt to their deaths to avoid being captured by the invading Polynesians.

Graham is keen to show this, and his other favourite places in Hawaii. To join him, check out the itinerary or simply book here.


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